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Italian Vocabulary Word List and Game

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Try the Quiz : Italian Vocabulary Word List and Game : BANK

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English - IngleseItalian - Italiano
ATM, automated teller machine cassiere elettronico
bank account conto bancario
bank clerk impiegato di serie
bank draft assegno circolare
bank holiday festa civile
bank loan prestito bancario
bank manager direttore di banca
bank rate tasso di sconto
bank statement dichiarazione bancaria
banker banchiere
cash contanti
cash desk, cashier cassa
check assegno
credit credito
creditor creditore
current account conto corrente
debit debito
debt debito
debtor debitore
deposit versamento
foreign currency valuta estera
interest interesse
line, queue fila
mortgage ipoteca
safe cassaforte
savings account conti di deposito fruttifero
teller cassiere
window finestra

Try the Quiz : Italian Vocabulary Word List and Game : BANK

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