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Italian Vocabulary Word List and Game

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Quiz : Translate the following word(s) from English
Quiz : Traduca le seguenti parole in italiano.

1. cardiology
Answer: cardiologia

2. dentistry
Answer: odontoiatria

3. dermatology
Answer: dermatologia

4. dietetics
Answer: dietetico

5. endocrinology
Answer: endocrinologia

6. gerontology
Answer: gerontologia

7. gynecology, gynaecology
Answer: ginecologia

8. nephrology
Answer: nefrologia

9. neurology
Answer: neurologia

10. obstetrics
Answer: ostetricia

11. oncology
Answer: oncologia

12. orthodontics
Answer: ortodonzia

13. pediatrics, paediatrics
Answer: pediatria

14. pathology
Answer: patologia

15. physiology
Answer: fisiologia

16. physiotherapy
Answer: fisioterapia

17. psychiatry
Answer: psichiatria

18. psychology
Answer: psicologia

19. radiology
Answer: radiologia

20. rheumatology
Answer: reumatologia

21. surgery
Answer: operazione

22. urology
Answer: urologia

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