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Portuguese Vocabulary Word List and Game

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Quiz : Translate the following word(s) from English
Quiz : Traduza as seguinte(s) palavra(s) em português.

1. air conditioned
Answer: ar condicionado

2. board
Answer: embarcar

3. bus
Answer: ônibus

4. bus stop
Answer: ponto de ônibus

5. cancellation
Answer: cancelamento

6. cloakroom
Answer: vestiário

7. confirmation
Answer: confirmação

8. delay
Answer: atraso

9. discount
Answer: desconto

10. driver
Answer: motorista

11. early
Answer: cedo

12. get-off
Answer: descer

13. information desk
Answer: balcão de informações

14. luggage
Answer: bagagem

15. luggage locker
Answer: armário de bagagem

16. on time
Answer: na hora, à tempo

17. one-way ticket
Answer: passagem de ida

18. passenger
Answer: passageiro

19. reservation
Answer: reserva

20. round-trip ticket
Answer: passagem de ida e volta

21. schedule
Answer: horário

22. seat
Answer: assento

23. seat number
Answer: número do assento

24. sitting room
Answer: sala de estar

25. ticket
Answer: passagem

26. ticket collector
Answer: inspetor de passagem

27. time of arrival
Answer: hora de chegada

28. time of departure
Answer: hora de partida

29. toilet
Answer: banheiro

30. waiting room
Answer: sala de espera

31. window seat
Answer: assento na janela

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