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Portuguese Vocabulary Word List and Game

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Quiz : Translate the following word(s) from English
Quiz : Traduza as seguinte(s) palavra(s) em português.

1. backpack
Answer: mochila

2. bait
Answer: isca

3. basket
Answer: cesta

4. boat
Answer: barco

5. boots
Answer: botas

6. camp
Answer: acampamento

7. camp bed
Answer: cama de acampamento

8. camper
Answer: campista

9. campfire
Answer: fogueira

10. campstool
Answer: banquinho, cadeira de acampamento

11. cliff
Answer: penhasco

12. compass
Answer: bússola

13. firewood
Answer: lenha

14. fish hook
Answer: anzol

15. fishing net
Answer: rede de pesca

16. flashlight
Answer: lanterna

17. forest
Answer: floresta

18. forest ranger
Answer: patrulheiro, guarda florestal

19. grill
Answer: grill

20. hook
Answer: gancho

21. lamp
Answer: lampião

22. lantern
Answer: lanterna

23. raft
Answer: bote

24. raincoat
Answer: capa de chuva

25. rope
Answer: corda

26. shotgun
Answer: espingarda

27. sleeping bag
Answer: saco de dormir

28. stream
Answer: riacho

29. tent
Answer: barraca

30. thermos
Answer: garrafa térmica

31. trailer
Answer: trailer

32. trap
Answer: armadilha

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