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Portuguese Vocabulary Word List and Game

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Quiz : Translate the following word(s) from English
Quiz : Traduza as seguinte(s) palavra(s) em português.

1. blizzard
Answer: tempestade de neve

2. cyclone
Answer: ciclone

3. deluge
Answer: dilúvio

4. drought
Answer: seca

5. earthquake
Answer: terremoto

6. famine
Answer: fome

7. flood
Answer: inundação, enchente

8. hailstorm
Answer: chuva de granizo

9. hurricane
Answer: furacão

10. snowstorm
Answer: nevasca

11. storm
Answer: tempestade, tormenta, temporal

12. tempest
Answer: tempestade

13. tornado
Answer: tornado

14. typhoon
Answer: tufão

15. whirlpool
Answer: redemoinho

16. whirlwind
Answer: redemoinho de vento

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