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Spanish Vocabulary Word List and Game

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Quiz : Translate the following word(s) from English
Quiz : Traducir las siguiente(s) palabra(s) a español.

1. accelerator
Answer: acelerador

2. battery
Answer: batería

3. brake
Answer: freno

4. brake lights
Answer: luces de freno

5. bumper
Answer: parachoques

6. clutch
Answer: embrague

7. dashboard
Answer: panel

8. engine
Answer: motor

9. gear
Answer: marcha

10. handbrake
Answer: freno de mano

11. headlight
Answer: faro

12. horn
Answer: bocina

13. seat belt
Answer: cinturón de seguridad

14. speedometer
Answer: velocímetro

15. steering wheel
Answer: volante

16. tire, tyre
Answer: neumático

17. windshield
Answer: parabrisas

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