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Spanish Vocabulary Word List and Game

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Quiz : Translate the following word(s) from English
Quiz : Traducir las siguiente(s) palabra(s) a español.

1. ant
Answer: hormiga

2. bee
Answer: abeja

3. beetle
Answer: escarabajo

4. bug
Answer: bicho

5. butterfly
Answer: mariposa

6. caterpillar
Answer: oruga

7. centipede
Answer: ciempiés, centípedo

8. cockroach, roach
Answer: cucaracha

9. cricket
Answer: grillo

10. dragonfly
Answer: libélula

11. earthworm
Answer: lombriz de tierra

12. firefly
Answer: luciérnaga

13. flea
Answer: pulga

14. fly
Answer: mosca

15. grasshopper
Answer: saltamontes

16. hornet
Answer: avispón

17. locust
Answer: langosta

18. mosquito
Answer: mosquito

19. moth
Answer: polilla

20. scorpion
Answer: escorpión, alacrán

21. spider
Answer: araña

22. termite
Answer: termita, comején

23. tick
Answer: garrapata

24. wasp
Answer: avispa

25. worm
Answer: gusano

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