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Spanish Vocabulary Word List and Game

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Quiz : Translate the following word(s) from English
Quiz : Traducir las siguiente(s) palabra(s) a español.

1. bank teller
Answer: cajero de banco

2. bell boy
Answer: botones

3. bibliographer
Answer: bibliógrafo

4. clown
Answer: payaso

5. cowboy
Answer: vaquero

6. decorator
Answer: decorador

7. dressmaker
Answer: modista, costurera

8. film director
Answer: director de película

9. florist
Answer: florista

10. forest ranger
Answer: guardabosques

11. fortuneteller
Answer: adivino

12. garbage collector, dustman
Answer: basurero

13. historian
Answer: historiador

14. housewife
Answer: ama de casa

15. hunter
Answer: cazador

16. lawyer, barrister,counselor
Answer: jurista

17. librarian
Answer: bibliotecário

18. masseur
Answer: masajista

19. meteorologist
Answer: meteorólogo

20. miner
Answer: minero

21. model
Answer: modelo

22. nanny, nursemaid
Answer: niñera

23. nun
Answer: monja

24. pathologist
Answer: patólogo

25. peasant
Answer: campesino

26. philosopher
Answer: filósofo

27. physicist
Answer: físico

28. policewoman
Answer: mujer policía

29. psychologist
Answer: psicólogo

30. radiologist
Answer: radiólogo

31. reporter
Answer: reportero

32. social worker
Answer: asistente social, trabajador social

33. sports instructor
Answer: instructor de deportes

34. state agent
Answer: agente inmobiliario

35. stewardess
Answer: azafata

36. system analyst
Answer: analista de sistemas

37. tax inspector
Answer: inspector de impuestos

38. technician
Answer: técnico

39. telepathist
Answer: telépato

40. telephone operator, telephonist
Answer: telefonista

41. therapist
Answer: terapeuta

42. tobacconist
Answer: estanquero

43. tourist guide
Answer: guía de turistas, guía turística

44. travel agent
Answer: agente de viajes

45. truck driver
Answer: camionero

46. undertaker
Answer: funebrero, funerario

47. veterinarian
Answer: veterinario

48. waitress
Answer: camarera

49. welder
Answer: soldador

50. window cleaner
Answer: limpiacristales, limpiador de la ventana

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