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Spanish Vocabulary Word List and Game

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Quiz : Translate the following word(s) from English
Quiz : Traducir las siguiente(s) palabra(s) a español.

1. archery
Answer: arquería, tiro con arco

2. fencing
Answer: esgrima

3. handball
Answer: balonmano

4. high jump
Answer: salto de altura

5. hunting
Answer: caza

6. ice hockey
Answer: hockey sobre hielo

7. ice skating
Answer: patinaje sobre hielo

8. judo
Answer: judo

9. karate
Answer: karate

10. long jump, broad jump
Answer: salto de longitud

11. marathon
Answer: maratón

12. martial arts
Answer: artes maciales

13. motoring
Answer: motorismo

14. Olympic Games
Answer: juegos olimpicos

15. Olympics
Answer: olimpiadas

16. parachuting
Answer: paracaidísmo

17. pole vault
Answer: salto de pértiga

18. race
Answer: carrera

19. riding
Answer: equitación

20. roller skating
Answer: patinaje sobre ruedas, patinaje del rodillo

21. shooting
Answer: tiro

22. sprint, dash
Answer: corrida

23. surfing
Answer: surfing

24. sword fighting
Answer: lucha de espadas

25. water sports
Answer: deportes acuáticos

26. water-skiing
Answer: esquí acuático

27. winter sports
Answer: deportes de invierno

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