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Business and Finance Abbreviations A - F

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Given the ABBREVIATION, identify the FULL FORM

1. AGM
Answer: Annual General Meeting

Answer: Average Revenue Per User

3. B2B
Answer: Business to Business

4. B2C
Answer: Business to Consumer

Answer: Compound Annual Growth Rate

Answer: Capital Expenditure

7. CAO
Answer: Chief Accounting Officer

8. CEO
Answer: Chief Executive Officer

9. CFA
Answer: Chartered Financial Analyst

10. CFCT
Answer: Cash Flow Cycle Time

11. CFO
Answer: Chief Financial Officer

12. CMO
Answer: Chief Marketing Officer

13. COD
Answer: Cash on Delivery

14. COO
Answer: Chief Operating Officer

15. CPA
Answer: Certified Public Accountant

16. CRM
Answer: Customer Relationship Management

17. CSO
Answer: Chief Security Officer

18. CTO
Answer: Chief Technology Officer

19. EBIT
Answer: Earnings Before Interest and Taxes

20. EDI
Answer: Electronic Data Interchange

21. EPS
Answer: Earnings Per Share

22. ESOP
Answer: Employee Stock Ownership Plan

23. E&OE
Answer: Errors and Omissions Excepted

24. FDI
Answer: Foreign Direct Investment

25. FL
Answer: Financial Leverage

26. FOB
Answer: Free on Board

27. FYI
Answer: For Your Information

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