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Business and Finance Abbreviations G - Z

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Given the ABBREVIATION, identify the FULL FORM

Answer: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

Answer: Generally Accepted Auditing Standards

3. GDP
Answer: Gross Domestic Product

4. GNP
Answer: Gross National Product

5. GP
Answer: Gross Profit

6. IPO
Answer: Initial Public Offering

Answer: London Interbank Offered Rate

8. LLC
Answer: Limited Liability Company

9. NAV
Answer: Net Asset Value

10. NDA
Answer: Non Disclosure Agreement

11. NPM
Answer: New Public Management

12. NPV
Answer: Net Present Value

13. PPP
Answer: Purchasing Power Parity

14. P&L
Answer: Profit and Loss

15. ROA
Answer: Return on Assets

16. ROI
Answer: Return on Investment

17. RONA
Answer: Return on Net Assets

18. ROS
Answer: Return on Sales

19. R&D
Answer: Research and Development

20. SCM
Answer: Supply Chain Management

21. TM
Answer: Trademark

22. TSR
Answer: Total Shareholder Return

23. VAT
Answer: Value Added Tax

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