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Computer - Hardware Abbreviations I

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Given the ABBREVIATION, identify the FULL FORM

1. ALU
Answer: Arithmetic and Logical Unit

Answer: Basic Input Output System

3. CD
Answer: Compact Disc

Answer: Compact Disc-Read Only Memory

5. CPU
Answer: Central Processing Unit

6. CRT
Answer: Cathode Ray Tube

7. FDD
Answer: Floppy Disk Drive

8. GB
Answer: Gigabyte

Answer: Gigabyte Per Second

10. HDD
Answer: Hard Disk Drive

11. IC
Answer: Integrated Circuit

12. I/O
Answer: Input/Output

13. KB
Answer: Kilobyte

14. MB
Answer: Megabyte

15. MC
Answer: Memory Card ; Multimedia Card

16. MD
Answer: Memory Device ; Memory Disk

17. PC
Answer: Personal Computer

18. RAM
Answer: Random Access Memory

19. ROM
Answer: Read Only Memory

20. TB
Answer: Terabyte

21. USB
Answer: Universal Serial Bus

22. VCD
Answer: Video Compact Disc

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