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Computer - Software Abbreviations I

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Given the ABBREVIATION, identify the FULL FORM

1. AI
Answer: Artificial Intelligence

2. API
Answer: Application Programming Interface

3. ASP
Answer: Active Server Pages

4. CSS

Answer: Cascading Style Sheets

5. DB
Answer: Database

6. DLL
Answer: Dynamic Link Library

7. DOS
Answer: Disc Operating System

8. FTP
Answer: File Transfer Protocol

9. GUI
Answer: Graphical User Interface

10. HTML
Answer: HyperText Markup Language

11. HTTP
Answer: HyperText Transfer Protocol

12. IE
Answer: Internet Explorer

13. IP
Answer: Internet Protocol

14. ISP
Answer: Internet Service Provider

15. OOP
Answer: Object Oriented Programming

16. OS
Answer: Operating System

17. PDF
Answer: Portable Document Format

18. SQL
Answer: Structured Query Language

19. TCP
Answer: Transmission Control Protocol

20. UDP
Answer: User Datagram Protocol

21. URI
Answer: Uniform Resource Identifier

22. URL
Answer: Uniform Resource Locator

23. XML

Answer: Extensible Markup Language

24. WWW
Answer: World Wide Web

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