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Computer - Software Abbreviations III

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Given the ABBREVIATION, identify the FULL FORM

Answer: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

2. CAP
Answer: Custom Application Program

Answer: Common Business-Oriented Language

4. COM
Answer: Component Object Model

5. CSC
Answer: Computer Software Component

6. CTI
Answer: Computer Telephony Integration

Answer: Distributed Component Object Model

8. GNU
Answer: GNU's Not Unix (recursive acronym)

9. IPV6
Answer: Internet Protocol version 6

10. JDBC
Answer: Java Database Connectivity

11. JDK
Answer: Java Development Kit

12. JFC
Answer: Java Foundation Classes

13. JSON
Answer: JavaScript Object Notation

14. LISP
Answer: List Processing

15. MFC
Answer: Microsoft Foundation Class

16. MIME
Answer: Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions

17. MVC
Answer: Model View Controller

18. PHP
Answer: PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (recursive acronym)

19. PERL
Answer: Practical Extraction and Report Language

20. SDLC
Answer: Software Development Life Cycle

21. TSQL
Answer: Temporal Structured Query Language

22. VoIP
Answer: Voice Over Internet Protocol

23. VDK
Answer: VoIP Development Kit ; Visual Development Kit

Answer: What You See Is What You Get

25. XSLT
Answer: Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation

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