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Chatting Abbreviations C-F

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Given the ABBREVIATION, identify the FULL FORM

1. CMB
Answer: Call me back

Answer: Correct me if I'm wrong

Answer: Come on

4. CRB
Answer: Come right back

5. CU
Answer: See you

6. CUA
Answer: See you around

7. CUL
Answer: See you later

Answer: Chat with you later

9. CYA
Answer: See you

10. CYO
Answer: See you online

11. DIKU
Answer: Do I know you?

12. DTS
Answer: Don't think so

13. EMA
Answer: E-mail address ; Email address

14. EOL
Answer: End of life

15. EOM
Answer: End of message

16. F2F
Answer: Face to face

17. FBM
Answer: Fine by me

18. FIMH
Answer: Forever in my heart

19. FRT
Answer: For real though

20. FOMC
Answer: Falling off my chair

21. FWIW
Answer: For what it's worth

22. FWM
Answer: Fine with me

23. FYI
Answer: For your information

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