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Chatting Abbreviations G-K

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Given the ABBREVIATION, identify the FULL FORM

1. G2G

Answer: Got to go

2. G2R
Answer: Got to run

3. GB
Answer: Goodbye

4. GBU
Answer: God bless you

5. GAL
Answer: Get a life

6. GJ
Answer: Good job

7. GL
Answer: Good luck

Answer: Good night, sweet dreams

9. GR8
Answer: Great

10. HAND
Answer: Have a nice day

11. HRU
Answer: How are you?

12. HOAS
Answer: Hold on a second

13. IAC
Answer: In any case

14. IB
Answer: I'm back; I am back

15. IC
Answer: I see

16. IG2R
Answer: I got to run

17. ILU
Answer: I love you

18. IM
Answer: Instant message ; Instant messaging

19. IRL
Answer: In real life

20. IUSS
Answer: If you say so

21. JAC
Answer: Just a sec

22. JAM
Answer: Just a minute

23. JK
Answer: Just kidding

24. KISS
Answer: Keep it simple, stupid

25. KIT
Answer: Keep in touch

26. KNIM
Answer: Know what I mean?

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