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Chatting Abbreviations L-Z

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Given the ABBREVIATION, identify the FULL FORM

1. L8R
Answer: Later

2. LMK
Answer: Let me know

3. LOL
Answer: Laughs out loud ; Laughing out loud

Answer: Long time no see

Answer: Mind your own business

Answer: Not in my back yard

7. NW
Answer: No way

Answer: None of your business

9. OIC
Answer: Oh, I see

10. ONL
Answer: Online

11. OTW
Answer: Off to work

12. PLMK
Answer: Please let me know

13. PXT
Answer: Please explain that

14. RL
Answer: Real life

15. SIG2R
Answer: Sorry, I got to run

16. TTYL
Answer: Talk to you later

17. TY
Answer: Thank you

18. TYT
Answer: Take your time

19. WAM
Answer: Wait a minute

20. WKD
Answer: Weekend

21. WRT
Answer: With regard to

22. WUP
Answer: What's up?

23. YBS
Answer: You'll be sorry ; You will be sorry

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