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Europe Map & European Countries Quiz

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Map of Europe 

C1IcelandThe capital of Iceland is Reykjavik.
C2NorwayThe capital of Norway is Oslo.
C3SwedenThe capital of Sweden is Stockholm.
C4FinlandThe capital of Finland is Helsinki.
C5IrelandThe capital of Ireland is Dublin.
C6United KingdomThe capital of United Kingdom is London.
C7PortugalThe capital of Portugal is Lisbon.
C8SpainThe capital of Spain is Madrid.
C9FranceThe capital of France is Paris.
C10BelgiumThe capital of Belgium is Brussels.
C11NetherlandsThe capital of Netherlands is Amsterdam.
C12DenmarkThe capital of Denmark is Copenhagen.
C13GermanyThe capital of Germany is Berlin.
C14SwitzerlandThe capital of Switzerland is Bern.
C15ItalyThe capital of Italy is Rome.
C16AustriaThe capital of Austria is Vienna.
C17Czech RepublicThe capital of the Czech Republic is Prague.
C18PolandThe capital of Poland is Warsaw.
C19HungaryThe capital of Hungary is Budapest.
C20UkraineThe capital of Ukraine is Kiev.
C21RomaniaThe capital of Romania is Bucharest.
C22SerbiaThe capital of Serbia is Belgrade.
C23BulgariaThe capital of Bulgaria is Sofia.
C24GreeceThe capital of Greece is Athens.

Try the Quiz : Europe Quiz Games : Europe Map & European Countries

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