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Languages of Europe

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1. Austria
Answer: German
The capital of Austria is Vienna and the currency is Euro (previously, Austrian Schilling).

2. Bulgaria
Answer: Bulgarian
The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia and the currency is Lev.

3. Czech Republic
Answer: Czech
The capital of Czech Republic is Prague and the currency is Czech Koruna.

4. Denmark
Answer: Danish
The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen and the currency is Danish Kroner.

5. Finland
Answer: Finnish
The capital of Finland is Helsinki and the currency is Euro (previously, Markka).

6. France
Answer: French
The capital of France is Paris and the currency is Euro (previously, Franc).

7. Germany
Answer: German
The capital of Germany is Berlin and the currency is Euro (previously, Deutsche Mark).

8. Greece
Answer: Greek
The capital of Greece is Athens and the currency is Euro (previously, Drachma).

9. Hungary
Answer: Hungarian
The capital of Hungary is Budapest and the currency is Forint.

10. Ireland
Answer: English
The capital of Ireland is Dublin and the currency is Euro (previously, Irish Pound). A fraction of the population in Ireland also speaks Gaelic.

11. Italy
Answer: Italian
The capital of Italy is Rome and the currency is Euro (previously, Italian Lira).

12. Luxembourg
Answer: Letzeburgish
The capital of Luxembourg is Luxembourg and the currency is Euro (previously, Luxembourg Franc).

13. Netherlands
Answer: Dutch
The capital of Netherlands is Amsterdam (and The Hague) and the currency is Euro (previously, Netherlands (Dutch) Guilder).

14. Norway
Answer: Norwegian
The capital of Norway is Oslo and the currency is Norwegian Krone.

15. Poland
Answer: Polish
The capital of Poland is Warsaw and the currency is Zloty.

16. Portugal
Answer: Portuguese
The capital of Portugal is Lisbon and the currency is Euro (previously, Escudo).

17. Romania
Answer: Romanian
The capital of Romania is Bucharest and the currency is Leu.

18. Russian Federation
Answer: Russian
The capital of the Russian Federation is Moscow and the currency is Rouble.

19. Sweden
Answer: Swedish
The capital of Sweden is Stockholm and the currency is Swedish Krona.

20. Ukraine
Answer: Ukrainian
The capital of Ukraine is Kiev and the currency is Karbovanets.

21. United Kingdom
Answer: English
The capital of United Kingdom is London and the currency is Pound Sterling.

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