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Inventors & Inventions I  Dots & Dashes

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AeroplaneOrville and Wilbur Wright
Bifocal LensBenjamin Franklin
Diesel EngineRudolf Diesel
DynamiteAlfred B. Nobel
Electric GeneratorMichael Faraday
Electric LampThomas Alva Edison
ElevatorElisha G. Otis
GramophoneThomas Alva Edison
Lightning ConductorBenjamin Franklin
Mercury ThermometerFahrenheit
MicrophoneSir Alexander Graham Bell
Movie ProjectorThomas Alva Edison
Pneumatic TyresJohn Boyd Dunlop
Safety RazorKing C. Gillette
Steam Engine (condenser)James Watt
Telegraph CodeSamuel Morse
TelephoneSir Alexander Graham Bell
Television (mechanical)John Logie Baird
TransformerMichael Faraday
Vulcanised RubberCharles Goodyear
Waterproof RubberCharles Macintosh

Try the Quiz : General Knowledge Quiz : Inventors & Inventions I

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