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US Geography Quiz

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Where is the US farm belt located?Midwest
What is the name of the main International Airport at New York?John F. Kennedy Airport
Which is the tallest active geyser in the world?Giant in Yellowstone National ParkA geyser is a spring from which steam and superheated water are ejected intermittently. Giant in Yellowstone National Park erupts at intervals varying from 7 days to 3 months, throwing a spire of 61 metres at a rate of 3.2 million litres per hour.
In which state is the Yellowstone National Park located?WyomingYellowstone National Park in Wyoming has about half of the approximately 800 active geysers of the world.
Which is the freshwater lake with the largest surface area in the world?Lake SuperiorLake Superior, one of the Great Lakes, has 53600 sq. km. in USA and 28800 sq. km. in Canada.
Which town in Michigan is the biggest center for the manufacture of motor cars in the world?Detroit
How many states are there in the United States of America?50The Union originally consisted of 13 states, to which 7 were added later. Thirty other states, that were formerly territories, were also admitted into the Union as full states making up 50 states in all, apart from the District of Columbia.
In which state does the Snake River originate?WyomingThe Snake River rises in Wyoming and flows into Idaho. It is 1504 km long.
Which is the largest port in the world?New York Harbor
Which city is known as the "Queen City of the Mississippi"?New Orleans
Which is the largest city in the United States?New York
Which is the second largest city in the United States?Los Angeles
Which is the third largest city in the United States?Chicago
In which city is the Sears Tower located?Chicago
In which city of Florida is Disney World located?OrlandoWalt Disney World at Orlando comprises Magic Kingdom, EPCOT Center and Disney - MGM Studios Theme Park.
In which city of California is Sea World located?San DiegoIn addition to San Diego (California), Sea World is also located at Orlando (Florida) and San Antonio (Texas).
Which is the largest city in New Mexico?Albuquerque
Which is the "City of the Golden Gate"?San Francisco
Which is the "City of Magnificent Distances"?Washington D.C.
What is the capital of the United States of America?Washington D.C.
Which is the "City of Skyscrapers"?New York
Which is the only state that is not on the North American continent?Hawaii
On which mountain are the faces of four U.S. Presidents carved?Mount RushmoreThe four U.S. Presidents carved are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.
Which is the smallest state in the USA?Rhode IslandRhode Island is the smallest state with an area of 3139 sq. km., followed by Delaware with an area of 5294 sq. km.
Which is the largest state in the USA?AlaskaAlaska is the largest state with an area of 1530700 sq. km.
Which state is referred to as the "Last Frontier"?AlaskaAlaska is the largest state with an area of 1530700 sq. km.
How many islands constitute the Hawaiian chain?about 130
Which is the smallest state in the Midwest?IndianaIndiana has an area of 93719 sq. km.
Which river forms a natural border between the US and Mexico?Rio Grande
How many lakes comprise the Great Lakes?5The Great Lakes are Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake Ontario.
Which of the Great Lakes is the only one to lie entirely in the United States?Lake MichiganLakes Superior, Ontario, Erie and Huron are shared by Canada and the USA.
Which is the highest mountain in North America?Mount McKinley
Which is the highest peak in the Appalachian Mountains?Mount Mitchell
Which is the north-easternmost state in the USA?Maine
In which state is the Grand Canyon located?Arizona
Where does the Mississippi River start?Lake Itasca
Which are the oldest mountains in North America?Appalachian Mountains
Which river makes up part of the boundaries of ten American states?Mississippi RiverThe Mississippi River makes up part of the boundaries of Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Mississippi.
What is the name of the lake formed by the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River?Lake MeadThe Hoover Dam was originally known as the Boulder Dam.
Which two states are separate from the contiguous USA?Alaska and Hawaii
What is the region of the Rocky Mountains that separates streams flowing into the Atlantic Ocean from those flowing into the Pacific Ocean called?Continental Divide

Try the Quiz : US Geography Quiz

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