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A very simple colorful salad made of layers of iceberg lettuce, yellow bell peppers, ripe red tomato slices, onion rings, mozzarella slices, fresh basil dressed with olive oil, lemon juice and wine vinegar.

Vegetarian Italian Cooking

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Serves: 4 
Style: Italian Vegetarian

1  onion(s) cut into thin rings
4  big icecerg lettuce leaves
1  yellow bell pepper(s) thinly sliced
4  medium sized ripe red tomatoes sliced
½  cup(s) thin mozzarella slices
1  tablespoon(s) green leaves of celery shredded
salt and freshly milled pepper to taste
4  tablespoons olive oil
½  tablespoon(s) wine vinegar
1  tablespoon(s) lemon juice
1  tablespoon(s) sliced black olives
1  tablespoon(s) sliced green olives
1  tablespoon(s) fresh basil shredded

  1. Soak the onion rings in cold water for about 8-10 minutes.
  2. Cover the base of a salad bowl with the iceberg lettuce. Top with layers of yellow bell pepper slices, tomato slices, mozzarella slices, onion rings and the celery leaves. Season to taste with salt and freshly milled pepper between each layer. Dribble the olive oil, wine vinegar and lemon juice. Cover with black and green olive slices. Refrigerate covered with a cling film till well chilled.


  • Any combination ogf crisp greens and salad vegetables like cucumbers, red radish slices etc. can be used for this recipe.

Serve chilled garnished with: shredded fresh basil

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