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Chicken Green Chilli

Spicy Chicken Soup

Green Bell Pepper Chicken

A spicy preparation that excites the tastebuds.

Indian Non - Vegetarian Recipes

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Serves: 4 
Cooking time (approx.):  minutes
Style: Indian Non-Vegetarian

100  grams chicken pieces
1  litre(s) water
1  onion(s) finely chopped
1  green bell pepper(s) finely sliced
2  green chilli(es) finely chopped
1  teaspoon(s) garlic paste
1  egg(s) white whisked
1  tablespoon(s) vinegar
2  tablespoon(s) cornflour
sugar, salt and pepper to taste

  1. Combine all the above ingredients (except for cornflour) in a cooking pot. Cover and cook on a medium level for about 15  minutes or till the chicken pieces are cooked. Separate out the chicken pieces and de-bone them. Put the boneless chicken back into the stock.
  2. In a bowl, take some stock just enough to mix the cornflour. Mix well and add to the stock. Cook on high while stirring for about 2  minute(s).


  • To preserve the color of the green bell peppers, add them along with the cornflour.

Serve hot with: breadsticks

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