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Glossary of Vegetables - Thai Names Eggplant or Aubergine or Brinjal or Baingan

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English Name   Thai Name
Aubergines (small) Ma Kheua Pro
Basil Leaf Kra Prao
Basil Leaf (sweet) Bai Horapha
Cabbage Pak Khad Kow, Kalumpree
Chicken Kai
Coriander leaves (Chinese parsley) Bai Pak Chi
Coriander Roots Rak Pak Chi
Eggplant (small) Ma Kheua Phuang
Fish Sauce Nam pla
Galangal Kha
Galangal (young) Kha On
Garlic Kratiem
Ginger Khing
Green Chilly Prik Khi Nu Khiao
Kaffir Lime Leaves Bai Ma Krut
Kaffir Lime Rind Phio Ma Krut
Lemon Manao
Lemon Grass Takhrai
Mushroom Hed
Noodles Guay Thiew
Prawn Koong, Kung
Pumpkin Fuk Thong
Red Chilly (dried) Prik Khi Nu Daeng Haeng
Red Chilly (fresh) Prik Khi Nu Daeng
Shrimp Koong, Kung
Shrimp Paste Kapi
Steamed Rice Khao Suay
Straw Mushroom Hed Fang
Turmeric Khamin



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