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Biblical Characters A-E   abrahams_sacrifice_of_isaac

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Given the KEY FACT, identify the BIBLICAL CHARACTER

1. He was Moses’ brother. He helped Moses lead the Israelites back to the promised land.
Answer: Aaron

2. He was a righteous Jew and a friend of Daniel. Jesus saved him from burning in the furnace.
Answer: Abednego

3. He was a righteous son of Adam and Eve. He was killed by his brother.
Answer: Abel

4. He was blessed by Jesus. Jesus gave him the promised land. His family would have the priesthood.
Answer: Abraham

5. He was the first man on earth.
Answer: Adam

6. He was a wicked king of Israel. Jezebel was his wife.
Answer: Ahab

7. He was a righteous man in Bethlehem. He married Ruth.
Answer: Boaz

8. He was a wicked son of Adam and Eve. He killed his brother Abel.
Answer: Cain

9. He was a king. He let the Jews go back to Jerusalem from Babylon.
Answer: Cyrus

10. He was a righteous Jew. God kept him safe in the lions’ den.
Answer: Daniel

11. He was a king of Babylon. He did not want Daniel to be hurt in the lions’ den.
Answer: Darius

12. He killed Goliath. He was a king of Israel.
Answer: David

13. He was an Israelite judge. Samuel helped him take care of the tabernacle.
Answer: Eli

14. He was a prophet. He showed the priests of Baal that God has great power.
Answer: Elijah

15. He was the prophet after Elijah. God helped him do many miracles.
Answer: Elisha

16. He was a prophet. God took him and his people to heaven.
Answer: Enoch

17. He was the older son of Isaac and Rebekah. He let his brother Jacob have the birthright blessing.
Answer: Esau

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