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Disciples of Jesus Christ


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Given the KEY FACT, identify the APOSTLE

1. Jesus addressed this disciple as Peter, meaning, 'the rock'.
Answer: Simon Peter

2. Brother of Simon Peter, the disciple.
Answer: Andrew

3. Son of Zebedee and the patron saint of Spain.
Answer: James

4. The beloved disciple.
Answer: John

5. Like the disciples Andrew and Peter, this disciple was from Bethsaida of Galilee.
Answer: Philip

6. Son of Talemai also identified with Nathanael.
Answer: Bartholomew

7. The tax collector.
Answer: Matthew

8. The 'doubting' disciple.
Answer: Thomas

9. Son of Alphaeus.
Answer: James

10. Often called 'brother of Jesus'.
Answer: Thaddaeus

11. The zealot.
Answer: Simon

12. The disciple who betrayed Jesus.
Answer: Judas Iscariot

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