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  The Story of Deborah and Barak  deborah_barak_old_testament

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The questions are based on the King James version of the Bible.

1. Deborah was a _______.
Answer: prophetess

2. Deborah was the fourth _______.
Answer: judge

3. Barak was the son of _______.
Answer: Abinoam

4. Barak was a military _______.
Answer: general

5. The Philistines ruled the Israelites for _______ years.
Answer: twenty

6. Deborah gave her judgments beneath a _______ tree.
Answer: palm

7. _______ was the king of Canaan.
Answer: Jabin

8. Sisera was the _______ of the army of the king of Canaan.
Answer: captain

9. Deborah prophesized that Sisera will be killed by a _______.
Answer: woman

10. Barak agreed to the battle only after _______ agreed to accompany him into battle.
Answer: Deborah

11. The army of Israelites consisted of _______ thousand men.
Answer: ten

12. The _______ won the battle.
Answer: Israelites

13. Sisera fled the battle site seeking refuge in a _______.
Answer: tent

14. Sisera was killed by _______.
Answer: Jael

15. After the battle, there was peace in the land for _______ years.
Answer: forty

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