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 The Story of Joseph  holy_bible

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The questions are based on the King James version of the Bible.

1. _______ was Joseph's father.
Answer: Jacob

2. _______ was Joseph's mother.
Answer: Rachel

3. Joseph had eleven _______.
Answer: brothers

4. _______ was the eldest of the twelve brothers.
Answer: Reuben

5. Jacob made a _______ for Joseph of many colors.
Answer: coat

6. Joseph was thrown into a _______ by his brothers.
Answer: pit

7. The Ishmeelites bought Joseph for _______ pieces of silver.
Answer: twenty

8. Joseph was sold as a slave in the land of _______.
Answer: Egypt

9. An Egyptian officer _______ bought Joseph from the Ishmeelites.
Answer: Potiphar

10. Joseph interpreted the dreams of a butler and a _______ in prison.
Answer: baker

11. Joseph spent _______ years in prison.
Answer: two

12. Joseph was renamed as Zaphnathpaaneah by the _______.
Answer: Pharoah

13. Joseph married _______, the daughter of Potipherah, priest of On.
Answer: Asenath

14. Joseph's brothers went to Egypt to buy food except _______.
Answer: Benjamin

15. The Pharoah let Jacob and his sons to live in the land of _______ in Egypt.
Answer: Goshen

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