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 The Story of Moses  moses_ten_commandments

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The questions are based on the King James version of the Bible.

1. _______ was Moses's father.
Answer: Amram

2. _______ was Moses's mother.
Answer: Jochebed

3. _______ was Moses's sister.
Answer: Miriam

4. _______ was Moses's brother.
Answer: Aaron

5. Moses as a child was left in a basket in the river _______.
Answer: Nile

6. Moses was adopted by the Pharoah's _______.
Answer: daughter

7. Moses fled to _______ after killing an Egyptian.
Answer: Midian

8. Moses meets _______ in the form of a burning bush at Mount Horeb.
Answer: God

9. Moses changed his rod into a _______ with the help of God.
Answer: serpent

10. Moses sends _______ plagues to the land of Egypt with the help of God.
Answer: ten

11. The Israelites and Moses crossed the _______ Sea with the help of God.
Answer: Red

12. God gave Moses the ten commandments at Mount _______.
Answer: Sinai

13. Moses gave sermons to the Israelites on the plains of _______, before entering the Promised Land.
Answer: Moab

14. Moses saw the _______ Land before he died.
Answer: Promised

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