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Algebra Homework Help : Formulae & Algebraic Relations

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How does a Formula express an Algebraic Relation ?

A formula is a fixed rule that shows the relation between two or more variables. In other words, it is an equation that expresses in symbols a general algebraic relationship (i.e., the dependence of some variables on other variables).


Example :
Express the following statement as a formula:
Perimeter (P) of a rectangle equals twice the sum of the length (L) and the breadth (B).


Perimeter of rectangle = 2 (length + breadth)
Thus, P = 2(L + B)
where P is the variable that denotes the perimeter of the rectangle,
L is the variable that denotes the length of the rectangle, and
B is the variable that denotes the breadth of the rectangle.


Formulae can be written in different but equivalent ways.
P = 2(L+B) can be also written as P = 2(B + L) or P = 2L + 2B or P = 2B + 2L.

Since there are multiple ways of writing an equation (formula), it is possible that the computer may mark a correct answer wrong when you solve some of the algebra exercises. So, please always check the answers and explanations by clicking on the 'Score and Show Answer(s)' button.

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