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Astronomy : Planets - Names of Gods

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Nine Planets

Planets are named after mostly Roman gods and goddesses as given below.

Position Planet God / Goddess Explanation
1 Mercury Winged Messenger of Roman Gods
(also God of Trade, Travel and Thievery)
Swiftest planet - completes one revolution in 88 days
2 Venus Roman Goddess of Love & Beauty Brightest object in night sky after Moon
- appears beautiful in the heavens
3 Earth Not named after any God Only planet not named after mythological character
4 Mars Roman God of War Its red color associated by ancient civilizations with blood of battles
5 Jupiter King of Roman Gods Largest and most massive of the nine planets
6 Saturn Roman God of Farming & Agriculture
(also, father of Jupiter in Roman mythology)
Saturn is adjacent to Jupiter
7 Uranus God of the Sky & Heavens
(also, father of Saturn)
Uranus is adjacent to Saturn
8 Neptune Roman God of the Sea Neptune has a beautiful blue color
9 Pluto Roman God of the Underworld God of the Underworld was capable of becoming invisible
- planet is farthest from Sun and in perpetual darknes

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