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Chemistry : Metals

apid Theory you need to know!


Oxygen combines with iron to form rust. Therefore, the rust on iron is basically an oxide.

The reaction of magnesium with oxygen produces magnesium oxide.

Metals that can be easily drawn into wires are known as ductile metals.

Metals that can be easily beaten into sheets are known as malleable metals.

Metals are usually good conductors of heat and electricity. They conduct heat and electricity through 'free electrons'.

An alloy is a solid solution of two or more metals.

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin whereas brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.

Rocks that are rich in metals are known as ores.

Aluminum is extracted from the ore 'bauxite' whereas iron is extracted from the ore 'hematite'.

If a metal's ore is titled 'pyrites', then it most probably contains sulfur.

Iron is magnetic in nature.

Unlike most other metals, mercury is a liquid at room temperature.

Gold is often found in the pure state.

Metals are obtained from their oxides by the process of reduction.

To prevent corrosion, metals are often galvanized by covering them with a layer of zinc.

Sodium is very reactive and may burn on exposure to air. Therefore, it is kept under oil.


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