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Japan Quiz : Japanese Drinks

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Given the DRINK, identify the JAPANESE NAME

1. apple juice
Answer: appuru juusu

2. beer
Answer: biiru

3. brandy
Answer: burandee

4. coffee
Answer: koohii

5. gin
Answer: jin

6. grain wine
Answer: shoochuu

7. green tea
Answer: o-cha

8. hot chocolate
Answer: kokoa

9. ice tea
Answer: aisu tii

10. lemon tea
Answer: remon tii

11. lemonade
Answer: remoneedu

12. milk
Answer: miruku

13. milkshake
Answer: mirukuseeki

14. mineral water
Answer: mineraru wootaa

15. orange juice
Answer: orenji juusu

16. plum wine
Answer: umeshu

17. rice wine
Answer: sake, nihonshu

18. rum
Answer: ramu shu

19. sherry
Answer: sherii

20. soda
Answer: sooda

21. tea
Answer: koocha

22. tonic water
Answer: tonikku

23. vermouth
Answer: berumotto

24. vodka
Answer: wokka

25. water
Answer: mizu

26. whisky
Answer: uisukii

27. wine
Answer: wain

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