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Japan Quiz : Japanese Words & Meanings

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Given the MEANING, identify the JAPANESE WORD

1. bar
Answer: baa

2. A set lunch box
Answer: bento

3. art of dwarfing trees
Answer: bonsai

4. Japanese tea ceremony
Answer: chanoyu

5. Japanese tea house
Answer: chaya

6. museum
Answer: hakubutsukan

7. bullet train of the 700 series with intermediate speed
Answer: hikari

8. shrine
Answer: jinja

9. Japanese classical drama
Answer: kabuki

10. traditional clothing of Japan
Answer: kimono

11. bullet train of the 700 series with low speed
Answer: kodama

12. the Imperial palace
Answer: kookyo

13. low table with heater below it, used in winter
Answer: kotatsu

14. a private home which provides lodging for travelers
Answer: minshuku

15. lake
Answer: mizuumi

16. the autumn colors of maple leaves
Answer: momiji

17. bullet train of the 700 series with highest speed
Answer: nozomi

18. famous Japanese hot springs
Answer: onsen

19. art of folding paper
Answer: origami

20. a traditional Japanese hotel
Answer: ryokan

21. a restaurant serving traditional Japanese food
Answer: ryoori-ya

22. bullet train with very high speed
Answer: shinkansen

23. Japanese castle
Answer: shiro

24. a Buddhist temple
Answer: tera

25. pagoda
Answer: tou

26. mountain
Answer: yama
Mt.Fuji is called Fujiyama in Japanese.

27. a bathrobe or an informal kimono
Answer: yukata

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