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Japan Geography Quiz 

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What is the capital of Japan ?Tokyo
Which is the highest mountain in Japan ?Mt. Fuji
Which mountain in Japan is regarded sacred in the National Shinto religion ?Mt. Fuji
Which is the longest river in Japan ?Shinano
Which ocean lies to the east of Japan ?Pacific
Which is the second most populated city of Japan ?Yokohama
How many prefectures (states) are there in Japan ?47
About how many islands does Japan consist of (40, 50, 200 or 2000) ?2000
Which prefecture (state) in Japan is least populated ?Tottori
Which of the following countries is geographically closest to Japan:
Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea or Vietnam ?
South Korea
About what percent of Japan is hills and mountains (to the nearest multiple of 5) ?75
Which two islands does Seto Ohashi, the longest bridge in Japan, connect ?Honshu and Shikoku
Which two islands are connected by a long underwater tunnel ?Honshu and Hokkaido
What is the approximate population of Japan (to the nearest 25 million) ?125
What is the farthest distance (to the nearest 25 miles) you can be from the ocean or the sea when in Japan ?75
What is the Japanese name for Japan ?Nippon or Nihon
What is Japan often referred to as ?Land of the Rising Sun
What is the currency of Japan ?Yen
Which is the smallest of the four main islands of Japan ?Shikoku

Try the Quiz : Japan : Japanese Geography Quiz

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