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Japan : Japanese History Quiz 

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In which year was the new constitution promulgated by which the Emperor of Japan lost his political power and became the Symbol of the State and Unity of the People ?1946
In which year did Japan become a United Nations member ?1956
In which year were the Summer Olympics hosted in Tokyo, Japan ?1964
When did Japan attack Pearl Harbor ?December 7, 1941
What was Tokyo's name in ancient times ?Edo
Which Japanese Prime Minister received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1974 ?Eisaku Sato
What are the two houses (upper and lower) of parliament in Japan called ?House of Councillors and House of Representatives
What were the three Axis Powers in World War II ?Japan, Germany and Italy
Which Japanese won the Nobel prize for literature in 1994 ?Kenzaburo Oe
Which city in Japan experienced a big earthquake on 17th January, 1995 ?Kobe
Which city became the capital of Japan in A.D. 794 and continued to be the seat of the throne for about 1000 years ?Kyoto
Which city was established in A.D. 710 as the first capital of Japan ?Nara
Which island came under United States rule as a result of World War II ?Okinawa
Who held the administrative power in Japan from the 12th century to the middle of the last century ?Samurai
Which Japanese Prime Minister negotiated the San Francisco Peace Treaty in 1951 with US President Harry Truman ?Shigeru Yoshida
Which religion inherently belongs to Japan ?Shintoism
Who ruled Japan during feudal times (i.e., in the 17th-19th century) ?Shoguns

Try the Quiz : Japan : Japanese History Quiz

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