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World Geography Quiz : Located on Rivers

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CITY / TOWN TO RIVER - For each city / town below, name the river on which it is located.

1. New York
Answer: Hudson
The UN Headquarters and the Statue of Liberty are located in New York in USA.

2. London
Answer: Thames
London is the capital of United Kingdom. River Thames has its source in the Cotswold Hills.

3. Cairo
Answer: Nile Nile Blue Nile
Cairo is the capital of Egypt.

4. Paris
Answer: Seine
Paris is the capital of France.

5. Rome
Answer: Tiber Tiber Tevere
Rome is the capital of Italy.

6. Lisbon
Answer: Tagus Tagus Tejo
Lisbon is the capital of Portugal.

7. Vienna
Answer: Danube
Vienna is the capital of Austria. River Danube links Austria to the Black Sea.

8. Nanking
Answer: Yangtze Kiang Yangtse Kiang Yangtze Yangtse Chang Jiang
Yangtze Kiang (Chang Jiang) in China is the third longest river in the world after Nile and Amazon.

9. Montreal
Answer: Ottawa, St. Lawrence Ottawa St. Lawrence Outaouais
Montreal in Canada lies at the junction of two rivers. They are River Ottawa and River St. Lawrence

10. Washington D.C.
Answer: Potomac
Washington D.C. is the capital of the USA.

11. Belgrade
Answer: Danube, Sava Danube Sava
Belgrade is the capital of Serbia.

12. Berlin
Answer: Spree
Berlin is the capital of Germany.

13. Cologne
Answer: Rhine Rhein
The towns of Bonn and Cologne in Germany are located on River Rhine.

14. Kinshasa
Answer: Zaire (Congo) Zaire Congo
Kinshasa is the capital of Zaire.


Bern is the capital of Switzerland.

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