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German Translation quiz 1a
Greetings - German to English

Formats Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Quiz Review

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What is the English translation (equivalent) for each German sentence below?

1. Hallo, Eva.
• Hello, Eva.
• Thank you, Eva.
• Please, Eva.
• Goodbye, Eva.
Answer: Hello, Eva.

2. Guten Tag, Nikos.
• Thank you, Nikos.
• Please, Nikos.
• Goodbye, Nikos.
• Good day, Nikos.
Answer: Good day, Nikos.

3. Guten Abend, Hans.
• Thank you, Hans.
• Excuse me, Hans.
• Good Evening, Hans.
• Goodbye, Hans.
Answer: Good Evening, Hans.

4. Auf wiedersehen, Katja.
• Goodbye, Katja.
• Thank you, Katja.
• Good Evening, Katja.
• Please, Katja.
Answer: Goodbye, Katja.

5. Mein Name ist Tobi.
• I know Tobi.
• I have seen Tobi.
• My name is Tobi.
• My friend is Tobi.
Answer: My name is Tobi.

6. Wie geht es Ihnen?
• How are you?
• Can you comment?
• When can I meet you?
• Can you excuse me?
Answer: How are you?

7. Gut, danke.
• Thank you.
• Very well, thank you.
• I am fine.
• I am not well.
Answer: Very well, thank you.

8. Ich werde Sie bald sehen.
• Goodbye.
• I am fine.
• I will see you soon.
• I am not well.
Answer: I will see you soon.

9. Bis später, Franz.
• See you later, Franz.
• Show mercy on me, Franz.
• Excuse me, Franz.
• Please move, Franz.
Answer: See you later, Franz.

10. Entschuldigung, Thomas.
• Please help me, Thomas.
• See you, Thomas.
• Excuse me, Thomas.
• Goodbye, Thomas.
Answer: Excuse me, Thomas.

11. Ja, bitte.
• Yes, my hair is wet.
• No, please.
• No, my hair is not wet.
• Yes, please.
Answer: Yes, please.

12. Nein, tut mir Leid.
• No, not now.
• Yes, thank you.
• Yes, excuse me.
• No, sorry.
Answer: No, sorry.

13. Tschüss! Inge.
• Show mercy on me, Inge.
• Excuse me, Inge.
• Bye! Inge.
• Please move, Inge.
Answer: Bye! Inge.

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