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History : History Vocabulary II

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Given the MEANING, identify the HISTORICAL WORD

1. fortress or elevated part of Greek city, especially Athens
Answer: acropolis

2. group of islands
Answer: archipelago

3. government headed by privileged class or nobility
Answer: aristocracy

4. end of hostilities in a war
Answer: armistice

5. killing by treacherous violence
Answer: assassination

6. instrument formerly used to calculate altitudes and locations
Answer: astrolabe

7. government in which the ruler has absolute, unlimited power
Answer: autocracy

8. flag of country, king, knight, army especially in battle
Answer: banner

9. intensive attack; lightning warfare practised by Nazi German armies
Answer: blitzkrieg

10. fortress protecting a city
Answer: citadel

11. family group with a common ancestor
Answer: clan

12. form of complete socialism with public ownership of all land, means of production and goods
Answer: communism

13. government by the people where citizens have voting and ruling powers
Answer: democracy

14. group of territories controlled by an emperor
Answer: empire

15. lasting hostility between two families or tribes
Answer: feud

16. killing or extermination of a whole race or nation
Answer: genocide

17. group of persons who together make laws and govern a State
Answer: government

18. irregular war by small bodies
Answer: guerrilla, guerilla

19. leadership or dominance of one nation over others
Answer: hegemony

20. killing of millions of Jews by Nazis during WWII; wholesale sacrifice or destruction by fire
Answer: holocaust

21. image used as object of worship; often God carved in stone or wood
Answer: idol

22. inability to read or write; need for learning
Answer: illiteracy

23. hostile attack and encroachment of city or country
Answer: invasion

24. government abstention from interference with the economy and individual action
Answer: laissez faire

25. hammer-like weapon of medieval times
Answer: mace

26. land and its rights held by the lord during the feudal period
Answer: manor

27. glorification of or reliance on military forces and prepared for war
Answer: militarism

28. imperial or royal ruler with complete authority
Answer: monarch

29. government, system or State under a single imperial or royal ruler
Answer: monarchy

30. exclusive control of the trade in a certain product
Answer: monopoly

31. impartial in a dispute or taking neither side
Answer: neutral

32. journey to a holy place for religious reasons
Answer: pilgrimage

33. estate for cultivation
Answer: plantation

34. inspired teacher who predicts future or interprets God's will
Answer: prophet

35. killing of a king
Answer: regicide

36. forcible replacement of government or overthrowing of ruler
Answer: revolution

37. killing of a victim as an offering to the Gods
Answer: sacrifice

38. grassy plains in tropical regions of America
Answer: savannah

39. insufficiency or inadequate supply
Answer: scarcity

40. laborer bound to and transferred with the land
Answer: serf

41. helpless person made to do hard work and who is the property of the master
Answer: slave

42. government or State where God is sovereign, religion is law, and priests are kings
Answer: theocracy

43. group of persons under recognized chiefs
Answer: tribe

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