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History : History Vocabulary IV

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Given the MEANING, identify the HISTORICAL WORD

1. principle of government with absolute ruler who holds supreme power
Answer: absolutism

2. person with an ability to organize and manage affairs or estate
Answer: administrator

3. relating to land, agriculture and cultivation
Answer: agrarian

4. policy of racial discrimination (e.g., in South Africa)
Answer: apartheid

5. public records or place where records are stored
Answer: archives

6. protective covering for body worn in fighting
Answer: armor

7. right of self-government or ruling self without outside control
Answer: autonomy

8. person with wealth who invests in business for profit
Answer: capitalist

9. private meeting or local committee for political party organization
Answer: caucus

10. relating to citizens or State; non-military
Answer: civil

11. revolt by military leaders leading to violent or illegal change of government
Answer: coup d'etat

12. rebellious person who is not in agreement with the government
Answer: dissident

13. person who travels to places with a sense of inquiry
Answer: explorer

14. right to be free from jurisdiction of territory one resides in; right of foreigners to be protected by their own nation's laws
Answer: exterritoriality

15. policy of openness on domestic and international fronts initiated by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev
Answer: glasnost

16. privilege often granted by Popes during purgatory for reduction of punishment to sinner
Answer: indulgence

17. process of establishing large-scale industries
Answer: industrialization

18. price increases due to increases in money supply
Answer: inflation

19. powerful nobleman in the Middle Ages with his own land owing allegiance to the king
Answer: lord

20. relating to the Middle Ages
Answer: medieval

21. place where monks live as a community
Answer: monastery

22. relating to monks and monasteries
Answer: monastic

23. place of worship for Muslims
Answer: mosque

24. process of converting into national property or bringing under government control
Answer: nationalization

25. relating to the later Stone Age
Answer: neolithic

26. policy of keeping aloof from disputes of others
Answer: non-intervention

27. relating to earliest stone implements
Answer: palaeolithic

28. policy of reforms for the Soviet economy initiated by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev
Answer: perestroika

29. rapid growth, spread or multiplication
Answer: proliferation

30. practice of secluding women of rank with screen in India
Answer: purdah

31. rebirth of soul in other living embodiment as per Hinduism and Buddhism
Answer: reincarnation

32. revival of arts and letters about A.D. 1400 - 1600; any similar revival period
Answer: Renaissance

33. remains of old cities and buildings
Answer: ruins

34. provincial governor in the Persian Empire
Answer: satrap

35. roll of parchment or paper; ancient book in roll form
Answer: scroll

36. place chosen for building or town
Answer: site

37. principle where society, not individuals, owns property and runs enterprises
Answer: socialism

38. relating to Socrates, the wise man of ancient Greece
Answer: Socratic

39. right of voting at elections
Answer: suffrage

40. religious doctrine of the Chinese philosopher, Lao-tsze, about how man can achieve harmony
Answer: Taoism

41. physical features of a region and their description
Answer: topography

42. political system with single-party dictatorship and complete control over citizen's lives
Answer: totalitarianism

43. process of changing from rural villages to towns and cities
Answer: urbanization

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