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History : Identify Famous Leaders I (600 B.C. - 1750 A.D.)

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Alexander the GreatKing of MacedoniaAlexander was the King of Macedonia. He conquered the Persian empire by fighting against Darius III, who was the King of Persia. He was called the 'King of Asia'. He was the King of Macedonia. He defeated King Porus. He died in Babylon.
Augustus CaesarFirst Emperor of RomeAugustus Caesar's original name was Octavius. He was Julius Caesar's great nephew. He was named Augustus (which means 'the holy one') by the Roman Senate in 27 B.C.
Cyrus the GreatKing of PersiaCyrus became the King of Persia in 546 B.C. and he was the founder of the Persian empire. He also conquered Babylon in 538 B.C.
DemosthenesGreek oratorDemosthenes was born in Athens. He was famous for his speeches against the invasion of Greece by King Philip of Macedonia. His greatest speech was 'On the Crown'. He died by swallowing poison.
Edward IKing of EnglandEdward I was the King of England. He was the son of King Henry III. He conquered Wales. He was buried at the Westminster Abbey.
Julius CaesarRoman GeneralJulius Caesar was a great Roman general and dictator. He was assassinated in the Senate House by a group of nobles which included Cassius and his adopted son Brutus. His famous words 'veni, vidi, vici' mean 'I came, I saw, I conquered'. He was born in Rome. He conquered Gaul. He also defeated Pompey the Great. The month of 'Quintil' was renamed 'July' in his honour.
Louis XIVKing of FranceLouis XIV was born in 1638. He became the King at the age of only 4! He ruled France from 1643 till his death in 1715. He also invaded Holland, which gave rise to the Third Dutch War.
Oliver CromwellSoldier & Statesman of EnglandOliver Cromwell was a soldier, statesman and lord protector of England. He defeated King Charles I in the First Civil War. He also declined Kingship which was offered by the British Parliament. He died in London in 1658.
Peter IFirst Emperor of RussiaPeter I was the Emperor of Russia. He played a vital role in the formation of modern Russia. During his reign, Russia fought wars against the Ottoman Turks and then against Charles XII of Sweden, whom he defeated in Poltava in 1709.
Philip IIKing of Spain and PortugalPhilip II was born in Spain. He was the King of Spain and Portugal. He married Queen Mary I of England.
Robert WalpolePrime Minister of Great BritainRobert Walpole became a Member of Parliament in 1701. He was born in Norfolk, England. He was the first Earl of Orford. He was also a statesman. He kept cordial relations with France. He was also appointed the Lord of the Treasury in 1721. He died in London, England.
Timur the LameMongol conquerorTimur was a famous Mongol conqueror. He conquered Persia and invaded India. He was well-known for his victory against the Ottoman Turks.

Try the Quiz : History : Identify Famous Leaders I (600 B.C. - 1750 A.D.)

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