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History : Famous Leaders IV - Who am I ?

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Choose the leader based on the clue(s) given.

1. I was an American. I was well-known for my anti-slavery views which gave rise to the American Civil War lasting 4 years. I put together the 'Emancipation Proclamation', which suppresed the revolts opposing my anti-slavery views. Who am I?
Answer: Abraham Lincoln

2. I was born in South Carolina. I was the seventh President of United States of America. I am well-known for introducing the Indian Removal Act of 1830. I also dismantled the 'Bank of the United States'. I died in Tennessee. Who am I?
Answer: Andrew Jackson

3. I was an Englishman. I played a key role in the formulation of the Locarno Pact. In 1925, I won the Nobel Peace Prize for my role in the Locarno Pact. Who am I?
Answer: Austen Chamberlain

4. I was born in Brussels, Belgium. I won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1913. Who am I?
Answer: Henri Marie la Fontaine

5. I was a British commander. I am very famous for my victories against Napoleon, the French General. My greatest victory was the Battle of Trafalgar, but I died in this battle. Who am I?
Answer: Horatio Nelson

6. I was the second President of United States of America. Who am I?
Answer: John Adams

7. I was a very famous military dictator and Emperor of France. I conquered most of western and central Europe. My attempts to conquer Great Britain were thwarted by Admiral Nelson. Who am I?
Answer: Napoleon Bonaparte

8. I was born in Prussia. I was the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Prussia. I was also the first Chancellor of the German empire. I played an extremely vital role in unifying Germany. Who am I?
Answer: Otto von Bismarck

9. I led the independence movements in many South American countries like Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador and Peru. I created 'Gran Colombia', a country freed from the Spanish, and became its President. I resigned from office when 'Gran Colombia' collapsed in 1828. Who am I?
Answer: Simon Bolivar

10. I was an American. I was the first 'conservation' President. I established the United States Forest Service. Who am I?
Answer: Theodore Roosevelt

11. I was an American. I was the founder of the Democratic Party. Who am I?
Answer: Thomas Jefferson

12. I was an American. In my well-known Fourteen Points address, I brought up the idea of the 'League of Nations'. I received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1919. Who am I?
Answer: Woodrow Wilson

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