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History : Famous Leaders V - Who am I ?

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Choose the leader based on the clue(s) given.

1. I was an American. In my famous Gettysburg address, I described a democracy as 'a government of the people, by the people, for the people'. I was assassinated by John Wilkes-Booth on 15th April 1865 during one of my performances in the Ford's Theatre. Who am I?
Answer: Abraham Lincoln

2. I was born in England. I was a British politician. I made vital contributions to world peace. I opposed the League of Nations' Geneva Protocol in 1924. I accurately predicted that Adolf Hitler would be the greatest threat to world peace. I died of apoplexy in England. Who am I?
Answer: Austen Chamberlain

3. I was an American. I balanced the nation's economy during the 'Great Depression' financial crisis after World War I. I established the 'Social Security system', which provided support to elderly citizens and those who have low earnings. My well-known 'State of the Union Address' is also called the 'Four Freedom Speech'. During my tenure, the Japanese attacked the famous Pearl Harbor. Who am I?
Answer: Franklin D. Roosevelt

4. I was a South African. In 1990, I released Nelson Mandela from prison. In 1993, I won the Nobel Peace Prize, which I shared with Nelson Mandela. Later, in 1994, I became the Vice-President under Nelson Mandela's presidency. Who am I?
Answer: Frederik Willem de Klerk

5. I was a Belgian senator for 36 years. I was also the President of the International Peace Bureau. I always worked towards international peace. I supported the idea of the 'League of Nations'. Who am I?
Answer: Henri Marie la Fontaine

6. I succeeded Vladimir Lenin as the leader of Soviet Union. My famous 'Five-Year Plan' improved the financial condition of the nation. I died of cerebral hemorrhage in Moscow, Russia. Who am I?
Answer: Joseph Stalin

7. I was born in Greece. I was the founder as well as the first President of Republic of Turkey. I formed the Turkish Nationalist Republican Party. Later, I established several reforms to improve the condition of the country. I died in Istanbul, Turkey. Who am I?
Answer: Kemal Atatürk

8. I was an extremely famous and prominent figure in the Indian freedom struggle. I led the Dandi March in 1930. Later, in 1942, I started the Quit India Movement, for which I was imprisoned for 2 years. I was assassinated by Nathuram Godse, who was a Hindu fanatic angry about my concern for the Muslims. Who am I?
Answer: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi)

9. I was born in New York, United States of America. I was the twenty-sixth President. I died in New York. Who am I?
Answer: Theodore Roosevelt

10. I was a Russian. I played a very vital role in the Russian Revolution. I was succeeded by Joseph Stalin. Who am I?
Answer: Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

11. I was born in Oxfordshire, England. I succeeded Neville Chamberlain as the Prime Minister. I was a prolific writer and I won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953. I was also conferred knighthood in 1953. I died in London, England. Who am I?
Answer: Winston Churchill

12. I was born in Virginia, United States of America. I was the twenty-eighth President. I died in Washington D.C. Who am I?
Answer: Woodrow Wilson

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