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Physics Theory : Temperature

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Temperature can be measured in oC, which stands for degrees Celsius (Centigrade).
Two more units used for measuring temperature are oF (which stands for degrees Fahrenheit) and K (which stands for Kelvin).
The instrument used for measuring temperature is called a thermometer.


Units of temperature can be inter-converted using the following formulae :

oC = 5 / 9 [oF − 32]

oF = [(9 / 5) × oC] + 32

K = oC + 273

oC = K − 273

Note : To convert oF into K (or vice versa), first convert oF into oC (or K into oC).


Boiling point of water (or condensing point of steam) is 100oC or 212oF or 373 K.


Freezing point of water (or melting point of ice) is 0oC or 32oF or 273 K.


Normal temperature of human body is about 37oC or 98.6oF or 310 K.


Lord Kelvin devised the absolute temperature scale.
The unit of temperature which is named after him is known as Kelvin [K].


Physics Quiz on Temperature.
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