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Early Learning for Preschool & Kindergarten : Rhyming Words II

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Try the Quiz : Preschool Kindergarten & Early Learning Activities : Rhyming Words II

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LAMPCAMPSwitch on the LAMP.
They put up a tent at the CAMP.
JUMPHUMPLet us JUMP over the fence.
The camel has a HUMP on its back.
WALLFALLPlease paint this WALL.
Take care or you may FALL.
TELLWELLPlease TELL me a story.
Draw water from the WELL.
HILLFILLLet us climb that HILL.
Please FILL some water in the bottle.
ROLLTOLLDo not ROLL in the mud.
Please pay TOLL here.
MOONSOONIt is a full MOON night.
I will be back SOON.
NAILMAILHammer the NAIL in the wall.
There is a letter for you in the MAIL.
BOILSOILPlease BOIL the water.
Sow a seed in the SOIL.
COLDGOLDIt was a COLD winter morning.
Where is my GOLD ring?
RODECODEHe RODE away on the horse.
What is the secret CODE?
HIDEWIDELet us play HIDE and seek.
This is a WIDE street.
CAKELAKELet us bake a plum CAKE.
Boating in a LAKE is fun.
LIKEHIKEI LIKE chocolate ice-cream.
Let us HIKE up this mountain.
JOKEPOKEThat is a very funny JOKE.
Do not POKE me with your pencil.
Is this a TAME animal?
COOKBOOKMy mom is a very good COOK.
This story BOOK is very funny.
RIPEWIPEThese apples are RIPE.
Please WIPE the table.
ROPEHOPETie the ROPE tightly.
Let us HOPE we win the game.
CAREHARETake good CARE of yourself.
A HARE has long ears.
FIREWIREThe house was burnt in the FIRE.
Do not touch an electric WIRE.
MORETOREMay I have some MORE ice-cream?
The baby TORE the paper.
PURECUREThis is PURE orange juice.
The doctor can CURE him.
GATELATEDo not leave the GATE open.
Never be LATE to school.
BITEKITETake a BITE of the burger.
Can you fly a KITE?
NOTEVOTEPlease write her a short note.
Let us VOTE for the best student.
RAINPAINCarry an umbrella as it may RAIN.
She felt the pain in her arm.
WOOLPOOLThe sheep gives us WOOL.
Let us swim in the POOL.
KINDFINDShe is a KIND teacher.
Please help me FIND my water bottle.
RINGSINGShe lost her diamond RING.
Please SING a song for us.

Try the Quiz : Preschool Kindergarten & Early Learning Activities : Rhyming Words II

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