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Early Learning for Preschool & Kindergarten : Rhyming Words III

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Try the Quiz : Preschool Kindergarten & Early Learning Activities : Rhyming Words III

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LAMPSTAMPSwitch on the LAMP.
Please stick a STAMP on the envelope.
JUMPPLUMPLet us JUMP over the fence.
The old lady next door is very plump.
FALLCRAWLTake care or you may FALL.
The baby likes to CRAWL on the carpet.
TELLSMELLPlease TELL me a story.
These flowers have a pleasant SMELL.
HILLSTILLLet us climb that HILL.
There is STILL some water in the jug.
ROLLHOLEDo not ROLL in the mud.
The mouse ran into the HOLE.
SOONSPOONI will be back SOON.
I need a SPOON for my soup.
NAILTALEHammer the NAIL in the wall.
Mom told me a fairy TALE last night.
BOILSPOILPlease BOIL the water.
Do not SPOIL your new book.
COLDROLLEDIt was a COLD winter morning.
The baby elephant ROLLED in the mud.
RODETOADHe RODE away on the horse.
The TOAD jumped into the pond.
HIDETIEDLet us play HIDE and seek.
She TIED her hair neatly.
CAKEBREAKLet us bake a plum CAKE.
Never BREAK a promise.
STOUTOUTThe old man next door is very STOUT.
Lock the door when you go OUT.
JOKECROAKThat is a very funny JOKE.
Did you hear the frog CROAK?
Please AIM the dart carefully.
COOKBROOKMy mom is a very good COOK.
There is clear water flowing in the BROOK.
WIPESTRIPEPlease WIPE the table.
The purple stripe on your shirt looks good.
ROPESOAPTie the ROPE tightly.
Wash yourself with some SOAP and water.
CAREFAIRTake good CARE of yourself.
The children enjoyed the school FAIR.
FIRELIARThe house was burnt in the FIRE.
The LIAR was punished.
MOREROARMay I have some MORE ice-cream?
Did you hear the lion ROAR?
BURNSTERNPlease do not BURN the paper.
The teacher gave him a STERN look.
GATEWEIGHTDo not leave the GATE open.
What is your WEIGHT?.
BITENIGHTTake a BITE of the burger.
We saw many stars on a clear NIGHT.
NOTEBOATPlease write her a short note.
Let us ride a BOAT in the lake.
RAINCRANECarry an umbrella as it may RAIN.
A CRANE is a bird with very long legs.
POOLRULELet us swim in the POOL.
You are breaking the RULE of the school.
KINDFINEDShe is a KIND teacher.
He was FINED by the policeman.
RINGSTINGShe lost her diamond RING.
The STING of a wasp is painful.

Try the Quiz : Preschool Kindergarten & Early Learning Activities : Rhyming Words III

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