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Science Quiz : General Chemistry

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Lemon juice is
• Basic
• Neutral
• Metallic
• Acidic
A pH of below 7 indicates
• Alkalinity
• Presence of Ions
• Acidity
• Purity of the sample
Fill in the missing word
Acid + _______ = Salt + Water
• Metal
• Base
• Non Metal
• Oxygen
Acids change a litmus paper from
• Red to Blue
• Blue to Red
• Green to White
• Red to Purple
Blue to Red
Fizziness in Coco-Cola/Pepsi is caused by
• Helium
• Hydrogen
• Carbon Dioxide
• Nitrogen
Carbon Dioxide
A substance which speeds up a chemical reaction without itself getting affected is known as a
• Counter Ion
• Nucleus
• Cation
• Catalyst
Which of the following gases is green in color?
• Chlorine
• Krypton
• Neon
• Hydrogen
Heat is liberated in
• Endothermic Reactions
• Substitution Reactions
• Exothermic Reactions
• All chemical reactions
Exothermic Reactions
The lead of a pencil mainly contains
• Lead
• Graphite
• Carbon Black
• Plastics
What gas is evolved when dilute sulphuric acid is added to Zinc?
• Sulphur Dioxide
• Hydrogen
• Argon
• Hydrogen Peroxide
A substance that absorbs moisture is known as
• Hydrophilic
• Hygroscopic
• Hydrophobic
• Amorphous
Which of the following is not an acid?
• NaOH
• HCl
• H2SO4
• HNO3
What is the combination of any substance with oxygen known as?
• Reduction
• Oxidation
• Combustion
• Hydrogenation
Which of the following is not a physical change?
• Decantation
• Oxidation
• Distillation
• Precipitation
The two allotropes of phosphorus are
• Rhombic Phosphorus, Monoclinic Phosphorus
• Alpha Phosphorus, Beta Phosphorus
• Red Phosphorus, Yellow Phosphorus
• Crystalline Phosphorus, Amorphous Phosphorus
Red Phosphorus, Yellow Phosphorus
Which of the following is a chemical change?
• Boiling of water
• Freezing of water
• Dissolving of salt in water
• Rusting of iron
Rusting of iron
If no more solute can be dissolved in a solvent at a given temperature then that solution is called
• An Unstable Solution
• A Real Solution
• A Dispersed Solution
• A Saturated Solution
A Saturated Solution
Which of the following is not an allotrope of carbon
• Charcoal
• Diamond
• Graphite
• Silk
Solubility of a substance in a solvent usually increases with an increase in temperature.
• True
• False
Catalysts often speed up certain chemical reactions.
• False
• True

Try the Quiz : Science Quiz : General Chemistry

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