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Science Quiz : General Physics

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How much heat is required to raise the temperature of 1g of water by 1 oC.
• 1 Calorie
• 1 Joule
• 100 Calories
• 100 Joules
1 Calorie
What is the speed of sound in air in meters per second (at a pressure of one atmosphere and temperature of 25oC)?
• 110
• 230
• 490
• 330
The SI unit of electric current is
• Farad
• Ohm
• Ampere
• Mho   
What type of lens is a magnifying glass?
• Concave
• Convex
• Plano-Concave
• Plane Glass
The wire of an electric bulb is known as the
• Heating Element
• Luminous Wire
• Filament
• Radiator
What is the name of the point where light rays from infinity coverge after passing through a lens?
• Parabola
• Center
• Infinity
• Focus
The presence of charge on a substance can be confirmed by a
• Electrodes
• Ammeter
• Gold Leaf Electroscope
• Thermometer
Gold Leaf Electroscope
Which of the following is not a good heat insulator?
• Wood
• Wool
• Feathers
• Iron
Which of the following is attracted by a magnet?
• Glass
• Iron
• Leather
• Sodium
When a spring is released, its potential energy is converted to
• Magnetic Energy
• Electrical Energy
• Kinetic Energy
• Light Energy
Kinetic Energy
Conductors have a _______ resistance.
• High
• Intermediate
• Low
• Unknown
A freely suspended magnet always aligns itself along the
• East West Axis
• West South Axis
• North South Axis
• East South Axis
North South Axis
By which of the following methods does heat transfer not take place?
• Conduction
• Convection
• Refraction
• Radiation
Bending of light rays when they enter a different medium is known as
• Refraction
• Reflection
• Convection
• Radiation
What is the name given to the band of seven colors formed by splitting of light by a prism?
• Color Band
• Spectrum
• Color Arc
• Prism Band
Light travels in a
• Circular Path
• Parabolic Path
• Straight Line
• Hyperbolic Path
Straight Line
What does this statement define
The rate of change of position in a fixed direction.
• Speed
• Velocity
• Acceleration
• Momentum
Metals expand on heating and contract on cooling.
• True
• False
A bicycle dynamo generates Direct Current.
• True
• False
The high pitched cries of a bat are above human hearing.
• True
• False

Try the Quiz : Science Quiz : General Physics

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