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School Science Quiz : Plants

Formats Info Page Worksheet / Test Paper Quiz Review

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Given the QUESTION, identify the ANSWER

1. Which of the following is a flowering plant?
• Mucor
• Toadstool
• Ash
• Fucus
• Spirogyra
Answer: Ash
The ash (a tree having a silver-gray bark) is a flowering plant (a plant that bears flowers).
The fucus, mucor, spirogyra and toadstool are all non-flowering plants (flowerless plants).

2. The gas that plants feed on is _______ (during photosynthesis).
• Oxygen
• Nitrogen
• Carbon Dioxide
Answer: Carbon Dioxide
Plants feed on Carbon Dioxide gas (CO2) during photosynthesis.

3. The gas that is exhaled by plants is _______ (during respiration).
• Oxygen
• Carbon Dioxide
• Nitrogen
Answer: Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Dioxide gas (CO2) is expired by plants (during respiration).

4. The seeds of coniferous trees are contained in the _______.
• cones
• fruits
• flowers
Answer: cones
The seeds of a coniferous tree (like the pine and fir) are contained in its cones.

5. The scientific biological name for the family of grasses is _______.
• Gramineae
• Germineae
• Grevineae
Answer: Gramineae
'Gramineae' is the scientific biological term used for the family of grasses.

6. Which of the following is not a deciduous tree/shrub?
• Larch
• Oak
• Holly
• Elm
• Sycamore
Answer: Holly
The holly (a shrub/bush having shiny prickly leaves and red berries) is evergreen.

7. Which of the following conifers is not an evergreen?
• Cedar
• Spruce
• Pine
• Fir
• Larch
Answer: Larch
The larch (a tall deciduous tree of the pine family that bears small cones) is not an evergreen.

8. Which of the following plants has no chlorophyll?
• Dandelion
• Mushroom
• Poppy
• Holly
• Fern
Answer: Mushroom
The mushroom (an edible fungus having a stem and a domed cap) does not contain chlorophyll.

9. Which of the following words/phrases is generally not applicable to plants?
• Mineral Food
• Organic Food
• Transpire
• Green
• Stationary
Answer: Organic Food
The term 'organic food' is generally not applicable to a plant.

10. Which of the following materials/substances is not of plant origin?
• Paper
• Pearl
• Sugar
• Rubber
• Linen
Answer: Pearl
The pearl (a round creamy-white gem formed inside the shell of certain oysters) is not of plant origin.

11. The _______ of carrots and turnips are eaten by man.
• stems
• leaves
• roots
Answer: roots
The roots of turnip and carrot plants are consumed (eaten) by man.

12. Which of the following plants cannot be classified as a grass?
• Bamboo
• Shallot
• Wheat
• Vernal
• Sugarcane
Answer: Shallot
The shallot (a small plant like the onion plant) cannot be classified as a grass.
The sugarcane, bamboo, wheat and vernal can all be classified as grasses.

13. The _______ of rhubarb and celery plants are eaten by man.
• roots
• stems
• leaves
Answer: stems
The stems of celery and rhubarb plants are consumed (eaten) by man.

14. Which of the following is not a herbaceous plant?
• Marigold
• Clover
• Daisy
• Buttercup
• Sycamore
Answer: Sycamore
The sycamore (a large, tall deciduous timber-tree of the maple family having winged seeds) is not a herbaceous (soft-stemmed) plant.
The daisy, clover, marigold and buttercup are all herbaceous plants.

15. Wheat and other kinds of corn can be classified as cereals.
• True
• False
Answer: True
Wheat and other kinds of corn such as rice, maize, oats, rye and barley can all be classified as cereals.

16. The organic material contained in soil is known as humus.
• True
• False
Answer: True
Humus is the rich, dark organic material present in the soil which is formed by the decay of dead leaves and plants.

17. The seeds of deciduous trees are contained in the fruits.
• True
• False
Answer: True
The seeds of a deciduous tree are contained in its fruits.

18. Germinating seeds respire slowly as compared with leaves.
• True
• False
Answer: False
Germinating seeds respire rapidly as compared with leaves.

19. Plants react more quickly to stimuli than animals.
• True
• False
Answer: False
Animals respond to stimuli faster than plants.

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