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This product has been discontinued

Download SyvumClickTM for Internet Explorer

Take your internet experience to a new level

System Requirements

Please select the configuration of your computer from the following.
Windows 98 or later, and Internet Explorer Version 5.01 or higher
To check the version of your Internet Explorer, click on the Help menu, and select the About menu item. The first few digits of the number against "Version: " represent the version.
Windows 95 and Internet Explorer Version 5.50
Other configuration (other versions of Windows and/or Internet Explorer)

File size: 324,472 bytes (317 KB) : Approx. 1 minute or less to download.

Choose the "Open file from location" option to install SyvumClickTM automatically. For activation instructions, read the following sections.

SyvumClickTM is free

Once you install SyvumClickTM, you can use it freely on any web site you visit.

If you own a web site, you can license the SyvumClickTM technology for your site (view licensing information).

What is SyvumClickTM?

Are you learning a new language? Do you frequently lookup new words that you come across on the internet in a dictionary? Do you often translate text from web pages into another language? Then continue to read. The technology used by SyvumClickTM is here to help.

SyvumClickTM enhances the functionality of your Internet Explorer. Once you have installed and activated SyvumClickTM, you can select (mark/highlight) any word in any page you are viewing in your Internet Explorer to immediately look it up on an online resource such as a dictionary, thesaurus, search engine or translation service. On Windows, you can double-click any word to mark it. You can also select multiple word text strings for lookup. This feature is extremely useful for looking up meanings of words, or to translate complete sentences from one language to another.

Try it NOW, right here!

Simply select (mark/highlight) any word on this page to see SyvumClickTM in action. When you install SyvumClickTM, you will have the same feature on all pages that you visit in your Internet Explorer. This tool is ideal if you are learning a new language, or trying to enhance your vocabulary. You can translate new words or complete sentences that you encounter on the web at the click of a button, or lookup meanings of new words that you may encounter in your readings. Double-click on PENURIOUS to see its meaning. Or, select (mark/highlight) "Esto es una herramienta para el nuevo milenio" and then press Control-J to translate it from Spanish to English!

Note: When you download and install SyvumClickTM on your computer, you will not see the revolving SC logo. That is shown only on the Syvum web site to promote this feature. You can also license the SyvumClickTM technology for your own web site.

SyvumClickTM Activation

After you have installed SyvumClickTM by running (opening) the file syvumclick.exe, you need to close your Internet Explorer (close all open windows of Internet Explorer), and restart it. Once Internet Explorer is running again, you can double-click on any word in any page that you open in it. This will perform a lookup and take you to the results page.

Further details

For further details on SyvumClickTM, read the FAQs.

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